Tisha B’Av 5781

Tisha B’Av, the 9th of Av begins July 9th, a Saturday night and ends on Sunday night. On this day it is traditional to read Eichah (Lamentations). Accordingly we intend to finish our study of Eichah this Shabbat. As a recap from last week, on this day the following events occurred:

  • 9 Av in the Wilderness: 12 spies return with an evil report. The Talmud thinks that this is the reason the day was marked out for tragedy from then on.
  • 9 Av 587 BCE First Temple destroyed.
  • 9 Av 70 CE Second Temple destroyed.
  • 9 Av 1290 CE Jews expelled from England.
  • 9 Av 1492 CE Jews expelled from Spain.
  • 9 Av 1670 CE Jews expelled from Vienna.
  • 9 Av 1914 CE WWI began.
  • 9 Av 1940 CE Nazis authorize the “final solution.”

This is the saddest day on our Hebrew calendar, and a time for fasting, mourning, and repentance. It is a great opportunity to pray for our Jewish nation.

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