Kehilat Tsion has been founded on the conviction that Messiah has come, and that he is the Jewish Messiah known as Yeshua of Nazareth. We are a Messianic Jewish congregation, and believe that Yeshua is the Messiah written of in the Hebrew Scriptures. We desire to make him known in our world, and to live for him as individuals and as a community.

Our Vision

Kehilat Tsion exists to represent Yeshua the Messiah within the Jewish community of Metro Vancouver and to help Jewish followers of Messiah maintain their identity and way of life.


We are a warm and welcoming place to worship and make friends, but we are not for everyone. This is because of our distinct and specific calling to be a light for Yeshua within our Jewish cultural and social world. Our commitment to God, His Word, and His Messiah – Yeshua – is serious, and it is within the Jewish identity and cultural context. As the only Messianic Jewish congregation in Vancouver, it is important for us to maintain authenticity in this regard.

In this regard, our language is that of the Jewish people. Our holidays are those of the Jewish people. Our values are those of the Jewish people. All these are from the Torah, the Hebrew Bible, and the New Testament.

Our membership is comprised of both Jews and Gentiles who have a deep love for God, His Son, and His Scriptures, and who have a calling to support and pray for Jewish people both individually and as a nation. We value relationships with each other and with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Our faith is based on the Scriptures – both the Hebrew Bible and New Testament.

We invite you to join with our community and we hope that the experience draws you closer to the God of Israel, whom we serve with all our heart, mind, and strength. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable within our services.

We were established in 1985 as Zion Messianic Fellowship. At that time we were founded by Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth) to testify among our Jewish community the good news of the Messiah, Yeshua – promised in the Hebrew Bible by Moses and the Prophets and declared by the first Shlichim (Apostles) in the New Covenant.

Our specific outreach objective is to teach the message of the Scriptures and their revelation of the promised Messiah (Yeshua HaMashiach), to those who have found and those who are searching for the truth about Messiah.

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