Purim 5783

Happy Purim! Purim is officially on Tuesday, 7 March so we will pre-empt it just a little bit this Shabbat, 4 March. Do come along as we enjoy our kiddush after the service, celebrate with dance, and as at any Purim, read the story of Esther. Of course, every time THAT person’s name is mentioned (may his name be blotted out) we will drown it out with our noise makers. It is a fun way to remember an amazing miracle that God did for the Jewish people (and ultimately all peoples) in days of old.

Remember the date: March 4.

The special dish for the season is the Hamantaschen, or as they are called in Hebrew, “Haman’s Ears.” If last year is any indication, there will be plenty of them! See you there.

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