Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations Holds Conference in Chicago

Gathering the world-wide Messianic Jewish community for worship, discussion, and intensive study. Join special guests: Canon Andrew White (the “Vicar of Baghdad”) and Wayne Hilsden (Founder of King of Kings Community in Jerusalem), and outstanding UMJC teachers and speakers for visionary teaching and practical workshops. Enjoy Family Fun Night, which opens the conference on Wednesday with a BBQ, games, and live music in the park. Closing night concert on Saturday by Miqedem, the all-star band from Israel. Full registration includes 3 kosher-style meals, access to all workshops and plenary sessions, and closing night concert.

Discounted hotel rooms are available if you reserve by June 19th. $115 per night for standard rooms, and $129 per night for Executive Tower rooms. This rate includes 2 free breakfast vouchers per night, free WiFi, and free parking. Click here for: hotel reservations.

Sponsor the Union Conference! Our sponsorship package includes a full-page ad in the program booklet, announcement during a plenary session, premium table space in the exhibitors hall, and your materials in conference attendee gift bags. Contact our Marketing Team for more information.

Exhibitors: Are you interested in selling your books, music, art, Judaica, jewelry, or promoting your organization at the Union conference? Contact the Marketplace Team for an exhibitor application.

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Tuesday, July 11

  • Morning & Afternoon: Steering Committee Meetings

Evening: Delegate Reception

Wednesday, July 12

  • 9 AM: Youth Conference Check-in
  • Morning & Afternoon: Annual Delegate Meeting & Youth Conference
  • 3 PM: Registration Opens
  • 6 PM: Family Fun Night & BBQ (meal included in registration)
  • 9 PM: UMJC Sisterhood Reception

Thursday, July 13

  • Morning & Afternoon: Workshops, Children’s Program and Youth Outing
  • Evening: Plenary Session – Address by Monique Brumbach, UMJC Executive Director

Thursday, 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM, Session 1 Workshops*:

  • To Bring Peace to Our People, Let’s Make Peace with Our People
    Rabbi Stuart Dauermann, Ph.D … Salon B
  • Beginners Dance Workshop
    Chaiyah Cohen … Salons D/E
  • I’m New Here, What Did I Miss?
    Rabbi Elliot Klayman … Salon C1
  • Bringing Messianic Judaism into the Home
    Rabbi Dr. Rich & Sue Nichol … Salon C2

Thursday, 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM, Session 2 Workshops*:

  • The Role of Religion in Causing and Curing Violence
    Canon Andrew White … Salon B
  • Filling a Jewish-Gentile Family with Joy
    Rabbi David & Helene Rosenberg … Salon D/E
  • Building a Community of Worshippers
    David Wein … Salon C1
  • Connecting with the Wider Jewish Community
    Diane Cohen … Salon C2

Thursday, 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM, Session 3 Workshops*:

  • That’s a Great Idea!
    Jesse H … Salon B
  • The Place of Non-Jewish Families in the Messianic Movement
    Dr. H Bruce Stokes … Salon D/E
  • What Is Your Jewish IQ? (And Why It Matters)
    Merryl Eaton & Scott Moore … Salon C1
  • Not Only DNA: In What Ways is Yeshua’s Life Linked to King David’s?
    Dr. Patrice Pavka Fischer … Salon C2

Thursday, 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM, Session 4 Workshops*:

  • Our Women of Valor
    Liz Kasdan … Salon B
  • Intermediate Dance Workshop
    Chaiyah Cohen … Salon D/E
  • Davening Together: Enriching Communal Tefillah
    Yoshi McLeod … Salon C1
  • Community Building on Campuses
    Rabbi Barney Kasdan … Salon C2

Friday, July 14

  • Morning & Afternoon: Workshops, Children’s and Youth Programs
  • Evening: Erev Shabbat Dinner (meal included in registration). Keynote Speech by Canon Andrew White, the “Vicar of Baghdad”

Friday, 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM, Session 1 Workshops*:

  • Population Survey on American Jewish Millennials
    Barna Group … Salon B
  • Addiction: What It Is, and How to Handle It
    Rabbi Russ Resnik … Salon D/E
  • The Importance of Tikkun Olam & Tzedekah
    Merryl Eaton … Salon C1
  • Becoming a Center of Profound Lifelong Learning in Your Community
    Henry Goulet … Salon C2

Friday, 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM, Session 2 Workshops*:

  • Theology Forum: Precondition for the Holocaust in Germany
    Michael & Eva Rydelnik … Salon B
  • A Life of Favor: A Family Therapist Examines the Life of Joseph and His Brothers
    Rabbi Russ Resnik … Salon D/E
  • No Success without Succession: The Task of Mentoring
    Rabbi Tony Eaton … Salon C1
  • Creative Liturgy
    Rabbi Nathan Joiner … Salon C2

Friday, 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM, Session 3 Workshops*:

  • Theology Forum: The Role of France in the Shoah
    Dr. Michael Rydelnik … Salon B
  • Pop Culture Parsha!
    Jared Eaton… Salon D/E
  • Serving Russian Speaking Communities
    Shulamit & Boris Goldin … Salon C1
  • Mussar and Messianic Judaism: Building Communities of Character for Messiah
    Rabbi Paul L. Saal … Salon C2

Friday, 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM, Session 4 Workshops*:

  • The Didache: Rediscovering the Teachings of the Jewish Apostles to the Gentiles
    Toby Janicki … Salon B
  • The Gospels from a Jewish Perspective
    Rabbi Dr. John Fisher … Salon D/E
  • Serving Holocaust Survivors and Familiies
    Dr. Michael Schiffman … Salon C1
  • Messiah Now!: The Coming of Messiah in Classical Jewish Sources
    Rabbi Joshua Brumbach … Salon C2

Saturday, July 15

  • Morning: Torah Service – D’var Torah by Jesse H., UMJC President
  • Afternoon: Shabbat Lunch (meal included in registration) & Torah Study Roundtable Discussions
  • Evening: Closing Session – Plenary Talk by Wayne Hilsden, Founder of King of Kings Community in Jerusalem. Concert by Miqedem.

Sunday, July 16

  • 10:30 AM: Chicago Architecture River Cruise (Leave hotel at 9:00am) sponsored & organized by the UMJC Sisterhood and open to ALL conference attendees.*Session schedules or Salons are subject to changes.

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